Friday, September 10, 2010

Trip Advisor recommends Spike Island Walking Tours

Check out the Trip Advisor report on the  Spike Island Walking Tours 

"This is just a brief outline of the history of this fascinating island. Guided tours are available to the island twice daily from Cobhharbour, with Michael Martin and staff in association with cork udc.  cost is €12.50 per adult and €8 for children, tours on the island take min 90 minswear good walking shoes and in good weather a bottle of water.  ferry to and from the island inc and takes 10 min each way.
Michael and his co-hosts tell the stories of different parts of the island with passion and reverence that is owed to the island. Michael brings each tour on a trip through the ages in a way no other guide can. his story telling is captivating, entrancing and  factual. Michael and his co-host are approachable and can discuss and learn from guests as much as we learn from them.
This is a tour not to be missed by any one with an interest in history, with an interest in life and death, and interest in British occupation of Ireland, a interest in the Irish famine, or wanting a place to find  solitude or peace and contentment. this tour and this island if it was a holiday resort would have it all. I went here with my family on the August bank holiday not knowing what to expect, I knew little of its history, now I am fasinated thanks to michael and his team. My 10year was with me on the tour and he loved it he tought michael was great and got the kids involved as much as possible.
The only down side to theis tour is the lack of funding (if that how I can put it )or fore sight by the Cork Udc regarding provide some form of rest stop on the island. A small coffe shop with clean toilets where parents can change a childs nappy, grab a cup of coffee and scone. or even just rest after walking around for 90 mins not everyone can do that you know folks.  otherwise I look forward to going back in about 5 years time to see the palce again, cleaned up, and a coffee shop insitu. hopefully some of the officers houses will have been renovated by then too. 
well done"

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